Solving Problems.

Coming up with creative solutions for locations, model’s schedules, client’s preferences is recipe for success in our business. The following shoot for a electric utility featured an actual trouble shooter servicing a street light.  On some productions we can scout, pre light and others you need to review the situation and come up with a plan & shoot.

This scenario was a bit of both.  We had the opportunity to scout, but it was in the day and without the truck or subject.  So color balance of the light, the type of truck and need for additional lighting was unknown.

On shoot morning, the initial shot was used to determine the color balance and spill from the lightpost.

Two things needed to happen, clean up the color balance of the light on our model’s face and open up or light the truck a bit more.  I wanted to do this in a manner that looked like the streetlight was the source, so we added a battery powered Q Flash just outside the crop of the shot.

Original plans had a second bucket truck coming for lighting or a shoot platform, but remember these are real employees and keeping the power on trumps photo shoots. Compromise, create a solution. To get the height needed, Amy stabilized the stand on top of my truck.

The resulting light illuminated the crewman and truck just enough to bring out some detail and whiten up the light on his face. Problem solved.