5 Great Apps

Here is my take on five “must have” iPhone apps, the ones EVERY photographer needs.

Sun Seeker - $8.99. Listed under Navigation in the App store is one of my most used photography apps.  While it has numerous functions, the one you want to go to straight away is the Augmented Reality Camera 3D View.  The program shows you the path of the sun on your display.  So you want to know where the sun will show on the horizon the day, week or month before a shoot, this is your solution. 

Starbucks - Free.  So you have an early call time (and you know exactly when and where the sun will be) you need a coffee. A double espresso makes an average morning good and a good morning better.  Using the GPS feature of your phone, this app locates nearby stores, tells you the hours, manages your Starbucks card and and allows you to pay via scanning a bar code.  

WeatherBug - Free. Will you be able to see the sunrise or just a bunch of clouds? WeatherBug is a fast, easy to use weather program with a ton of features including real time info, animated maps and accurate forecasts.

B&H Photo - Free.  B&H is the epicenter of the photography world and now you can look at the catalog on your phone and shop for the latest gear wherever you are.

Instagram - Free. Share your photos with 8 million users, it is just plain fun (& addicting.)  Now go shoot a selfie, a picture of your dinner or a cat. Enjoy.