Feb. 27th, 2014 Update, Evening

Today we read Paul all of the beautiful messages everyone has written. Being off of his sedation for most of the day, he was able to not only hear the messages, but understand them and nod his head in acknowledgement. Sometimes he would raise his eyebrows, sometimes he would give us long slow blinks, but he stayed alert and listened to all of them. We were even able to show him the cards people have sent, and let him see the beautiful website that everyone has been posting to. The doctors and nurses let us play his favorite playlists, which consisted of a lot of Jack Johnson, G. Love, Morcheeba, Bob Marley and other "chill" bands. He seemed to enjoy the time spent with his family, and so did we. Whatever tomorrow might bring, we will face it with love. Please keep praying for a miracle, because we sure could use a few of those and keep sending that love our way.