Feb. 24, 2014 Update, Morning

Just a quick update today to say thank you to everyone that has been bringing meals, donating to Paul's expense fund, and coming by to visit him. The doctors have asked that we slow the visiting down a bit, to give him time to heal over the next few days. He's so popular! You can certainly still come visit Nia, Nick, Taylor and the rest of his family, and keep them company over the next few days. I know from experience that it has been nice to have the company and to share memories of Paul with those closest to him, so please don't feel like you have to stay away completely. We will just have to admire him from afar. 

I am in the office today working to keep the business up and running while Paul takes a much needed nap, but please check back to the website later this evening, and I will be sure to post the progress he is showing in his exams. 

Please keep praying for Paul and sending the love his way.