Feb. 23, 2014 Update

After resting all day, Paul had another exam this evening with his neurologist. Prior to his exam, with his sleep meds turned off, Nia and the kids were able to interact with Paul a bit. He was able to keep his eyes open for even longer periods of time; when asked, he moved his eyes from left to right; he acknowledged that he can hear out of both ears; and when asked, he blinked to confirm that he saw his son, Nick. It was another positive and special moment for the Figura family on this road to recovery. Again, Nia, Nick, Taylor and the rest of Paul's family want to convey to everyone how grateful they are for the outpouring of love and support during these past few days. It has truly been amazing. Please continue to send your prayers and positive thoughts Paul's way as he continues to fight his way back. Thank you all so much.