Feb. 19, 2014 Update, Morning

Paul had a really good exam this morning with his neurologist. They took him off the Propophyll (sleep drug) and he "woke up" a little bit and was responsive. He squeezed his hands when asked. And tried to open his eyes when asked. He's definitely not out of the woods yet by any stretch but she was really pleased with his exam. She's gonna do exams every 6 hours. In the mean time she wants him to rest with minimal stimulation. At any rate, a bit of good news this morning. 

Although, the doctors want Paul to rest and remain minimally stimulated, visitors are still welcome. We would ask that you please announce your visit first by either texting or calling me on my cell phone (904-635-0866). We just don't want too many people visiting him at one time. Please keep praying for him. Thank you.

— Amy