The Prowl, Jaguars add an up close fan experience.

Unique to the NFL, Jaguar fans can get up close and cheer on their players directly before they hit the field.  The prowl is a path under the south stands that leads players past hundreds of fans before they exit to the field. Loud, exciting, unique and a challenge to shoot.

Remember this is under the south stands, a sort of concrete cavern.  An initial scout helped determine location of power, a secure spot to rig lighting, and figure out logistic concerns.

On the day before the game, stadium management supplied a high lift to rig the rear “edge light” source. It consists of a Dynalite 400 pack that has a Pocket Wizard receiver built in.  I also used the phone app Sun Seeker to see if there would be any direct sun coming in.


Dynalite rig with studio head and parabolic reflector. iPhone photo

This head was secured using a superclamp and the pack and cord placed on a ledge adjacent to the head.  All gear was secured with paracord safety lanyards to prevent any gear from coming down.


Mounted rig with safety cords. iPhone photo

There is about a 10-15 foot section of the Prowl that would be lit and framed as I envisioned.  This is where the pack was metered.  

The next two steps would prove to be the most important.  First have an assistant walking with me with a portable light source for a consistent f stop on the players AND secondly, make sure everyone involved knows we are doing this, staff, coaches, security, players so we don’t get restricted from the access we need.  


Matt V doing the pre-game light check and suspicious security glares.

Details - Rear flash set for f8 at iso 640

- Main front light set at f5.6 at iso 640

- Camera, Canon EOS 1DX with 16-35mm 2.8 at f5.6 1/100th sec exposure

- Pocket wizards firing the Dynalite and QFlash kits

- Assistant holding QFlash on pole and guiding me walking backwards.

Final image and data sheet below. Enjoy.