Side by Side (or Alexa, Red or C500)

Today’s blog is a mix of new and “Throwback Thursday.”  Back in 1998 I purchased the studio’s first professional digital camera, a Canon D2000.  It was a hybrid Canon 1D / Kodak back with a whopping 2 megapixel chip and a more whopping $10,000 price tag.  Remember these were the days of shooting Polaroid proofs, then chromes, making selects and sending out for scans.  This wonder removed the film, processing and scan costs and was an instant hit with the ad agencies. 

photo:Morio / Wikipedia

The next few years were interesting as clients, photographers and agencies debated which technology was “better” film or digital. Well, technology has advanced tremendously in the last 14 years and that discussion has long gone away. 

Now the discussion is brewing again, but in the film industry.  Side by Side, a documentary produced and moderated by Keanu Reeves explores the same question with some of the industries best names in film making.  This is a must see for film makers of all levels.

On pay per view now from Tribeca Films.

photo: Tribeca Films.