How I saved $100 on taxis last week - citibike

Last year we had a shoot in Madison, Wisconsin and for a workout and view of the city, the client and I rented bikes from the city wide bike share. Earlier this year, I saw a similar setup by Barclays in London.

Move aside, NYC went all out.  Over the last year citibike has installed an amazing infrastructure throughout the city. Lot’s of bikes, lots of stations.


citibike station, Chelsea.


9th Ave bike lane.

It works like this - Buy a daily or weekly pass, get on a bike at 7th Ave & 15th Street, ride North on 8th in the dedicated bike lane, drop it off at the rack at the Javits Center. Saved taxi fee - $9.50 with tip. 

Side trip to Hell’s Kitchen to see the Banksy, saved $5.00.


"Waiting in Vain" - Banksy.                                        Photo: Untapped Cities

The Hustler Club took it down, so I bike back to Javits, another $5.00 saved.  You get the pattern.


Locations of bike share stations on my iPhone.

So, is there a bike station near my destination? Most likely yes. A great feature of citibike is the iPhone app listing stations, bike availability and distance.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a time a taxi is way better, but October weather and short trips, I’ll take the bike. For more information, FAQ, and costs check out the website and thanks for the ride.