Getting Power on the Road

Our studio creates both still and videos for the ad agencies that hire us, creating a need for power in all sorts of locations.  Since the bulk of out work is location, this can be a problem and more so now that we we are delivering video content. The uber reliable, but noisy Honda generator is, well, too noisy.  

Adding to the power demand is technology advances in our services.  The real time iPad previews requires a small router to keep reliability to clients expectations. Oh, and there is always a client phone to charge.

Here is a couple solutions in addition to the long extension cords and the Honda.

Vagabond Mini Lithium

This portable power pack is used in our Pelican travel kit.  It is light, can power a strobe pack or mono head, router or video monitor.  The Pelican setup was used in Puerto Rico on a remote beach to power the iPad setup allowing the client to view shots on the fly. In preparing for tomorrow’s shoot we needed a 12”x12” LED flood for fill and the rental house was out of batteries.  Add a shoulder strap and plug it in, good to go.

PowerLine Car AC adapter

This unit plugs into a cigarette lighter and converts 12 DC to 120VAC.  You are not going power lights with this one, but it works great on the 19” LED monitor we use to roll back video footage.  Quiet, small, simple.  It the little things that make clients happy or make you look unprepared.