Getting hit by a train will ruin your day.

The transportation industry takes safety seriously, especially CSX. A locomotive can weigh anywhere from 120 to over 200 tons and most trains in the 3000-8000 ton range, making rail yards a bad place to be distracted by text messages and phone calls.

Bad news for the two smart phones brought to the studio by the Shepherd agency on their way to becoming stars for the safety poster.

I suggested a “real” scenario of placing the phones on the train tracks by the studio which was shot down pretty quickly.  So SUV it is! The first rollover by the SUV didn’t do much, so we placed a hammer’s handle across the phone and did it again. The AD Clif Watson hit it with the hammer for good measure. BTW these are professional prop makers.

Next, we collect the parts and move to the studio.

Four setups were done with the two phones, note iPad wireless previews in last shot. Photo courtesy Jessica Golder / Shepherd.

The finished poster. Be safe.

For more info see Shepherd’s site.