Cookies and 24hrs in NYC

Workflow has changed and it seems I have been spending several days a month in New York. Between travel, preproduction, securing gear, making appointments and just getting around, there is not much time for just enjoying the city.

Last week’s trip was the opposite, just social and personal photography. And a nice surprise while buying some of my favorite cookies, was meeting Author & Chef Dorie Greenspan.  Now calling Dorie an author or chef does not do her justice, just like calling her cookies, well, cookies.  There has to be a better description. The New York Times called her a “culinary guru.”  I call the cookies amazing.

Dorie Greenspan in the Essex Market Beurre & Sel store.

Quick photo of Port Jammer and Classic Jammers (before I ate them)

The news gets better, they are now online. Click here and order some.

For a nice look at the 24hrs, click here to Logan Bowles vision. Cheers.