On Tuesday, February 18th, around 10:30 am, Paul was taken by rescue paramedics to Baptist Hospital Downtown for what he thought were symptoms of a heart attack. He said the left side of his body had gone numb, and he started feeling really dizzy. 

hoto Credit:  Peter Hellberg

At the hospital, the doctors found that his blood pressure and heart were ok, so they ruled out a heart attack. They then sent him for a CT scan to examine his brain. The scan revealed a small blood leak, a hemorrhage, at the very center of his brain, near the base. Because of the location of the hemorrhage, and the risk of further damage associated with an invasive procedure, the doctors tried to heal/clot it by thickening Paul's blood with platelets. However, Paul ended up suffering what the doctors called a hemorrhagic stroke. To relieve any pressure that may have built up as a result, his neurosurgeon placed a temporary shunt. 

The shunt will remain in place for 7-10 days. Within that time frame they are going to monitor Paul and try to improve his condition and recover his mental state. He has a difficult road to recovery in front of him. But if you know Paul, you know that he loves this life, and he will fight to keep it with all that he has. We are hopeful and optimistic, and we will be there to help him through this as best as we can. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much. 

— Amy Ploss-Samson